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Today Software Magazine (Issue 26) – BBST – A practical course on Software Testing by Alexandru Rotaru and Ru Cindrea

Women Testers (July 2014) – My BBST Experience – A letter from an introvert by Bolette Stubbe Teglbjaerg

Testing Circus (February 2014, BBST Course Special Edition) – See especially:

  • The Prospects for BBST Course by Cem Kaner & Rebecca L. Fiedler
  • BBST Domain Testing – An Experience Report by Chris Kenst

Logigear Magazine (February 2012, the Training Issue) – Black Box Software Testing: Test Design Course

Course Reviews by Bloggers

BBST courses are available from several sources with differences in how the courses are taught.

  1. Kaner, Fiedler & Associates, LLC were the original authors of the BBST courses. We have continued to update the courses we offer with new materials, questions, and exercises and (where available) student workbooks.
  2. Altom, a training company in Europe, offers the KFA version of the courses.
  3. The Association for Software Testing offers the original courses to their members.

Aleksis Tulonen compares the BBST Foundations classes offered privately to those offered through AST

Over time, several bloggers in the testing community have shared their thoughts on the BBST classes. Here are links to a few of them:

BBST Foundations

BBST Bug Advocacy

BBST Test Design

  • Christin Wiedemann explains why BBST Test Design is the best software testing course she’s ever taken.
  • Iain McCowatt of Exploring Uncertainty says, “Like all BBST courses, the depth and sophistication to which it goes is impressive” in his review of the course.

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