Connecting with the software testing community

Version 1.03–August 17, 2007

This is a course that pushes you to explore the world outside the boundaries of the course. You test a real-world application and participate in the development team (writing and evaluating bugs, perhaps contributing to the test plan or other troubleshooting). This gives you an opportunity to build a reputation with people who might help your career later, in many other ways.

There are several discussion groups on the web for software testers. Many beginners enjoy QA Forums. LogiGear posts a page with handy articles and links. Software Quality Engineering hosts the stickyminds discussion and article archives. Participating in online discussions is a good way to get noticed–and if your participation is constructive and useful, it is a good way to build a path to your next job. And, of course, the Association for Software Testing is a professional organization that focuses on software testing matters.

Phil Agre provides a superb guide: How to Be a Leader in Your Field: A Guide for Students in Professional Schools. This is primarily for university doctoral students, but much of the advice is useful for undergraduates or working professionals who want to reach out to a broader community.