Course Description: BBST Domain Testing


Boundary testing, equivalence classes… been there, done that, right?  Wrong.  Get a new perspective on these techniques and jump-start your effectiveness. And if you’re new to all this, then I’m jealous: you’re going to be doing it better right from the start of your career.  – Rick Grey, DeveloperTown, Indianapolis, IN

Basic InformationDomainTestingWorkbookCover

  • The overall objective of this course is to become competent with one widely used testing technique, Domain Testing. We strongly recommend completing BBST Test Design before enrolling in Domain Testing.
  • We want you to be very good at applying the classical approach to this technique to many different types of variables. The lectures and the book cover topics beyond that, applying this type of analysis to a variety of real-world application which might take more practice with the materials after you go back to work.
  • The course includes video lectures, labs, demonstrations and a capstone project. Receive extensive feedback and interactive grading from Cem Kaner and our qualified instructors.
  • Receive a copy of the BBST Domain Testing Workbook at the start of class and a Certificate of Completion at the end of the course if you demonstrate mastery of the core learning objectives.

 If you are looking for a testing course that will challenge you and push you to do your very best, then this is it! I have taken other testing courses that teach the basics of testing but this one gave me skills I can bring back to my career!  – K Bowers-Pinette