Course Description: BBST Test Design

Good testing requires application of many test techniques. Each technique is better at exposing some types of problems and weaker for others. Participants look at a few techniques more closely than the rest but do not become skilled practitioners of any single technique.

Course Objectives

  • Gain familiarity with a variety of test techniques
  • Learn structures for comparing objectives and strengths of different test techniques
  • Use the Heuristic Test Strategy Model for test planning and design
  • Use concept mapping tools for test planning

Course Overview

  • (a) Function testing & testing tours. (b) A taxonomy of test techniques
  • (a) Risk-based testing, failure mode analysis and quicktests. (b) Introducing the Heuristic Test Strategy Model.
  • Use cases and scenarios. Distinguishing between early testing (or testing by someone who doesn’t know the product or doesn’t know how to test) and later, more knowledgeable testing.
  • (a) Specification-based testing. (b) A model for comparing test techniques.
  • Domain testing: Traditional and risk-based.
  • Testing combinations of independent and and interacting variables. Combinatorial, scenario-based, risk-based and logical-implications analyses of multiple variables.

More Info

LogiGear Magazine’s 2012 Training Issue included an article on the BBST Test Design course.