Who are “We”?

Version 1.03–September 15, 2011

At time of this writing (Sept 2011), the main people involved in developing this online course are Cem Kaner and Rebecca Fiedler of Kaner, Fiedler, & Associates, LLC. We’ve gotten a lot of help from students at the Center for Software Testing Education & Research. Several activists in the Association for Software Testing have been training to be instructors for the Black Box Software Testing courses.

The lead facilitator (instructor) for the course series is Cem Kaner. who will be present to some degree in most BBST&#174 sections, but there will generally be at least one additional facilitator. We’ll provide information about the other facilitator(s) in each course section.

Cem Kaner’s contact information:

  • emailkaner@kaner.com (preferred form of contact)
  • Skype ID — cem.kaner
  • Phone — 321-727-8084 (USA)

Rebecca Fiedler has played a significant role in the instructional design for this series and in the training of the course facilitators. She is also involved in assessing the instructional value/success of the course. You can reach Dr. Fiedler by:

Most messages requesting technical help or clarification of an assignment should be posted to the course web site. This a) enables everyone to benefit from the answer you receive; b) gives you the fastest possible resolution to your questions as others in the class help eliminate confusion about an assignment or troubleshoot a technical problem; and c) builds a repository of Frequently Asked Questions for later use. Of course, we recognize that some things are of a more sensitive nature and warrant a private method of communication such as email or Skype. Please feel free to email, Skype, or phone if appropriate.