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BBST Foundations in Software Testing

“You will learn a lot, but be prepared to work for it.” – Corporate client, January 2013

“Great course! A lot of useful testing information provided as well as guidance on how to think and organize your thoughts in a more precise way.” – Corporate client, January 2013

“If you want to think out of the box while you are looking at a subject to test, this course sure helps you change your perspective about how differently you should be thinking.” – Corporate client, October 2012

“This was one of the most relevant courses that I have ever taken in my career! The material and structure of the class was excellent. I wish the time frame were longer.” – Corporate client, September 2012

“Challenging, enlightening, and thought-provoking.” – Corporate client, September 2012

“This was my first online course. I was a little nervous in the beginning thinking that I would not have direct interaction with the instructor. I was also concerned about how my questions would be answered, etc. After the first week of the course, I started feeling more comfortable with the design of the courses, quizzes, etc. The instructors responded almost instantly to students’ questions – whether they are process-related or technical interactions. I would suggest this course to my friends.” – Corporate client, May 2012

“Testing in the corporate world tends to push testers away from the basics of testing. BBST Foundations was a refreshing trip back to the world of logic and reasoning that I would recommend for any tester to revisit.” – Corporate client, March 2012

“Without question, the BBST Foundations 2.0 class is one of the most challenging Foundations level classes in software testing you will take, but it’s also the most educational and practicable courses, too. Great experience and great group of teachers makes for a unique learning experience.” – Michael Larsen

“A great opportunity to learn from knowledgeable instructors together with testing folks from a variety of backgrounds in the comfort of your home.” – unsigned

“It was an invaluable experience and combines different student backgrounds from all over the world with a sound theoretical course, enriched with very handy, practical exercises.” – Maik Nogens, Hamburg

“Great course, fantastic material. I would strongly recommend it to any Quality Assurance professional. It was well-organized and you learn a lot by interacting with others in the course.” – Mai Nur, QA Analyst, Toronto, Ontario

Ru Cindrea’s blog review of Foundations course

Sami Soderblom’s blog review of Foundations course (May 2013)

BBST Bug Advocacy

“Oh, my gosh! I used what I learned in the BA class in a bug report and one of the developers told me it was the best bug report he’d ever seen! Everybody should take this class!” – Corporate client, Feburary 2013

“If there were one certification that I would take seriously on a resume it would be a BBST certification.” – Joe Harter

“Now, I know why my bugs were deferred. Bring it on. My bug reports are stronger.” – unsigned

“The bug advocacy course was practical and gave powerful tools and concepts for immediate use at work. Its relevance in testing is immense and the real life exercises used in the course amplify the learning several times. In Juran’s assessment of quality as ‘Fitness for use’, this course fits the industry’s needs completely.” – unsigned

“BBST Bug Advocacy takes learning about testing to another level. It is filled with practical exercises that I could use right away in my task as a tester . . . I recommend it to anyone who is serious about software bugs.” – unsigned

“The BBST courses are truly excellent, and of course, an unbelievable value. As a hands-on tester and test manager, I often have to manage PM / customer expectations as well as train and mentor my testing teams. As a consultant I often have to articulate the challenges and benefits of testing to my clients. In this context – even putting aside the significant personal learning benefits of these courses – they deliver immense value: the clarity and power of the arguments they present is exemplary.” – Iain McCowatt

“All testers – those who are new to testing and those who have been testing for years – will gain skills and “take home” knowledge to share with project teams and apply immediately in order to improve the effectiveness of their day-to-day work. I can’t wait for my next BBST course!” – unsigned
Brian Osman’s blog review of the BBST Bug Advocacy course

BBST Test Design

Fast and furious – Corporate client, November 2012

A must for any software testing professional – Corporate client, November 2012

This is a very useful course, because it gives a broad introduction to the multiplicity of testing techniques, showing in which situations and contexts they are more effective. The effectiveness of this introduction is augmented by a more detailed explanation and comparison of a few important techniques. A great learning experience!  – Adriano Comai

BTW, the new BBST Test Design course rocks! It’s so much content I might be tempted to take it twice though 😛 #GoodStuff –  Geir Gulbrandsen on Twitter

The course has increased my professional confidence in the work I have been doing, and also helps me see where I need to practice.  I now have a much firmer foundation in understanding structures for comparing objectives and strengths of different techniques and valuable tools in my tester tool belt to help them with test strategy and design.  Thank you! – Lanessa Hunter

An excellent course full of useful and interesting techniques combined with the insights of the foremost educators, authors, and practitioners in the field of software testing AND an excellent example on online asynchronous education done right. – unsigned

BBST Test Design course almost over, probably the best – and most useful – course I’ve ever taken. Thank you AST! – Christin Wiedemann on Twitter. (See also the link to her complete review below).

Blog reviews of Test Design

  • Christin Wiedemann explains why BBST Test Design is the best software testing course she’s ever taken.
  • Iain McCowatt of Exploring Uncertainty says, “Like all BBST courses, the depth and sophistication to which it goes is impressive” in his review of the course.

Miscellaneous reviews

Ray Oei describes his personal testing journey and how BBST courses contributed to it.