BBST Workshops & Seminars

BBST Workshops

Workshop on Teaching Software Testing

2012 Topic: Teaching Security-Related Software Testing

Kaner and Fiedler co-host the annual Workshop on Teaching Software Testing (WTST – pronounced what’s it). The theme for WTST 2012 will be on teaching testing techniques for information security. For more details, please visit the WTST website.

Workshop Planning and Facilitation

Kaner also co-created the Los Altos Workshop on Software Testing (LAWST). The format developed in that series of workshops has been widely adopted for peer conferences in the software testing community. For more information about other peer conferences that use the LAWST format and to learn more about hosting your own LAWST-style workshop, please visit

Kaner, Fiedler, & Associates, LLC is happy to help you create workshops of this style for your colleagues. We can serve as trained facilitators or meeting planners. Contact us to make arrangements.

BBST&#174 Seminars

In addition to the BBST online classes, we can teach other topics including:

  • BBST&#174 Financial Modeling
  • BBST&#174 Metrics
  • BBST&#174 Domain Testing
  • BBST&#174 Scenario Testing
  • BBST&#174 Social Science Methods in Software Testing
  • BBST&#174 Instructors course (available online and face-to-face)
  • BBST&#174 Developing High Impact Online Courses